We look forward to ensuring that your stay here is spectacular.  

We have prepared this manual to help orient you, and navigate your stay on the property. 

*Access to the Property*

Please access the property at the door to the right of the property, utilizing the automatic key entry, with the code given to you via email/text. 

The formal front door has antique hardware which has stood the test of time, yet may not handle much further repeated use. 

Please use the front door as Emergency Egress Only!


Fire Extinguisher: Kitchen, under the sink

First Aid Kit: Linen Closet, top shelf

Flashlights: Kitchen, last drawer on the right  

Radon detector: Living Room 

Smoke detectors: Living Room and Bedroom Hallway       

For the love of upholstery, no smoking in the house.  

You may smoke outside…please discard butts appropriately. 



Refrigerator water is filtered.  We do change the filter regularly.

Streaming Television  

For your convenience, we have Netflix on the TV.  In the event Netflix becomes disconnected, please call for sign-in information.

Air Conditioning/Heat  

We recommend the heat be set on 68-72 degrees. 


Please use the gas logs! They are super cozy!

The pilot light is already lit, so no lighter required. There is a knob on the bottom right near the logs, turn it to the left allow a few seconds to light, if more than a few seconds passes, with no fire, turn the knob back to the right, and wait a few moments before your next attempt.

If all goes well, enjoy your fireplace-snuggle time, and then simply turn the knob back to the right when you are done. 

Our Bar is your bar

Small but mighty!

Explore the cabinets, 

Glassware, shakers, openers, and games for your enjoyment. 

Anything you find that is drinkable is yours! 

Please use the coasters provided as the bar top is painted wood.

Outdoor SpaAbsolutely no glassware in the hot tub.  

Please utilize the fancy plastic ware found on the top shelf of the bar cabinet. Turkish towels are located below the small window on the bedroom bench.  Please hang them up outside on the rack or in the clothes hamper when you are finished.

Spa operating pad is on the bedroom wall by the door.  

To work the spa, please touch the panel of the pad.  The Spa will display Pool Temp and the Air Temp.  If the spa is not at the desired temperature, press TEMP1, the screen will change to the Set Temperature screen.  Input your desired temperature and press enter. The TEMP1 icon will appear red when it’s heating; and green when it’s at your desired temperature.  

On the Touch panel, you will also see controls for the Jet Pump, Air Blower and Spa Light. Please feel free to use these if you desire.  Once you are done with the Spa please press the “ALL OFF” button.

We ask that you plan your Spa usage and set the temperature when you plan to use the Spa. Remember it will take approximately two minutes per degree to heat the Spa.  Plan accordingly. 

The grounds Feel free to have guests over for lovely gatherings, but please respect the neighbors after nightfall, and keep the shenanigans down to a dull roar and conversational volumes.

*Check Out*

Check out is at 11 o’clock.  If you require more time, please contact us to ensure we can accommodate an extension.

Linens:  Please place all soiled linen at the foot of the bed in the laundry basket located beneath the suitcase caddy. 

Bathroom Linen:  Please place soiled bathroom washcloths and towels in the floor of either bathroom. 

Dishes:  Please place used dishes, glasses, cups, etc. into the dishwasher.  

Key:  please place the key in the kitchen drawer closest to the door.  Upon exit do not lock the kitchen door, lock the external door to the house utilizing the “lock” button on the keypad. 

Trash:  Upon leaving please place trash in the receptacles behind the gate to the far right of the property. 

Once you depart the property, please text either of us and let us know you have departed.  

Thank you so much for choosing to stay with us and we hope you return.