Our First Month

January was our first month offering the Broadfoot Bandy house exclusively as an Airbnb. We can all agree that we weren’t exactly sure how well an Airbnb would do in Fayetteville, but we were all ready to take the leap of faith and see. Within hours of placing the ad on the site, we were booked for our first weekend; within 24 hours we were booked for two additional weekends. Wow, were we surprised!

We are very proud to announce that not only did we surpass our first month goal, we had an occupancy rate of 48%. February is looking even brighter with a 100% occupancy rate and reservations are already being made for March. We can’t thank our guests enough for wanting to share in our love for the Broadfoot Bandy House.

So what have we learned over the last 30 days? We’ve learned that cleaning a house to the level of our expectations, is not always that easy; it takes time, lots of it. We’ve learned that word of mouth, social media, and the community really can help you achieve your goals. More importantly, we’ve learned that adventures like this one, seem very daunting at first, but by believing in ourselves and passions of others, has made the journey achievable.